Industry: Industrie – Pétrole/Petroleum – Exploration – Production – Raffinage/Refining + Infrastructure/Utilities.


BCO is a business development/transformation/improvement/continuity, strategic planning, know why/know how transfer & acquisitions one stop shop engaged to offer a wide range of market breakthrough services to foreign companies wishing to operate and enhance performance of those already operating in (NASS) : North Africa and Sub Sahara territories.

For over a quarter of a century, BCO has successfully achieved missions as identification of niche opportunities, support stand alone bidders, on time proposal preps & submittals, straight to the provision of contracting, in budget execution & follow up services. A multicultural, pluridisciplinary team has transformed BCO to become the perfect equalizing force in dealing with genuine business endeavors in Africa. Today, pegged to a network of alliances the world over, we are more than ever before in tune with global development requirements and are ready, willing and able to meet them exceeding clients’ expectations.

Starting Point: Since The 70’s.

Being the largest combined O&G reserves holder and producer in the world, NASS region has become the preferred business destination where developed and emerging corporations are rushing in to snatch a market share position.

BCO operates in NASS in general and in Libya in particular for quite a long run. Her deep knowledge of the market place and due diligence with local institutions has enabled BCO to build up a hefty track record and hence offer prompt, widespread support services to companies interested in approaching one of the most promising, fresh and lucrative O&G/Power markets in the world and that, by assisting these companies accomplish a strong tailor made presence in the region at a minimum set up cost.

As Country Advisor, BCO shall steer you through the complex local administrative and legal system and allow the benefit of choosing from several candidates, whom would be your company’s sponsor, agent, representative, consultant or JV partner. Meanwhile, we make available the provision of State Corporations contractual needs & requirements, private yard location, storage facilities, corporate offices and the necessary local logistics & back up services.

Registering with your intended customer in NASS countries might require a long period of time. With the proper knowledge of expected market share, competitor intelligence and customer needs, you would be able to achieve your goals in a shorter period of time. We would provide the knowledge you aspire to react swiftly in accordance with the local market trends. Our team works alongside your existing or future partners if needed. In sum, BCO offers a cocktail of services combining pre-bid to Contract Award segments through to the provision of institutional feedback for (pre-de-re) commissionning and P&A purposes.


To whom BCO is not so well known, we hope that the following headlines will be of interest, outlining as they do, a wide spread of activities in which these men and women can innovate, create and perform.

On site, remote life support units/clinics construction & management services.
Air ambulance, medical & paramedical assistance.

Knowledge Acquisition.
Human resources planning and development. Recruitment/placements/assignments.
Enhance awareness programs, know why – know how transfer.
Assist academia to industry R&D programs.

Assist at proliferation of: Sustainable development models.
Environmental impacts/protection & respect approaches.
Water wastewater treatment/utilization & Toxics’ cradle to grave solutions.

Support pre-design, design and implement air traffic hubs, sea terminals, platforms, land networks including urban-sub-urban rails, highways & rings.
Air/Sea bear and/or crew vessels acquisitions, CPs & ground handling tasks.

Energy & Power.

Assist and piggy back on master planning natural resources, development – alternatives.
Up/Mid/Downstream On/Offshore O&G works and work-over’s to asset integrity position.
Industrial Process Turnarounds; Overhauls and special turnkey interventions.

Exploration on proven reserves: Facilitate oil & gas license access on EPSA basis.
Electricity: Generation, T&D, interconnexion to grid reliability endeavors.
All above cited on upgrade, O&M, JV, EPSCC, EPIC, OMM, DBOOT/BOO or BOT basis.

Trade & Finance.
Source finances, capital venturing and improve sustainable procurement channels.
Carry out lobbying and business diplomacy missions: win-win oriented negotiators.
Provide Development & Acquisitions intelligence services.

Overall Methodology: The 3Ds’: Diagnose – Design – Deliver.
In Strategic, Commercial and Economic Phases.


BCO comprises a team of experienced, creative and success oriented professionals who hand in hand provide a flexible mix of commercial, technical, financial and transactional skills.

BCO is dedicated to helping senior level executives understand and meet difficult challenges of business in NASS countries and in doing so, has gained the full support of local decision makers and the trust of a suite of Multi National Corporations.

Range of Services:

Pinpoint profitable new and niche opportunities and capitalize on.

Identify and connect Client to local right decision makers.

Put Client ahead of time on direct inquiries.

Assist Client selecting his local subcontractors/JV partners. Back up client visiting staff inclusive provision of local logistics support.

Assist during the formulation and implementation of business plan.

Assist during assessment of project/bid economics incorporating inputs on volume, pricings outlook, facility/equipments capacity costs and, local tax assumptions. Allowing Client to identify scenarios and sensitivities in addressing project components value, return On/Of investment and other economic indicators.

Monitor Client competitors’ behavior. Being Client’s eyes and ears at the right place at the right time.

Improve Client ongoing business and allow last look option on new business till Moment of Truth: Settle deal closure and follow up.

Transmit a monthly sector/country situation report as per Client’s request.

Aforementioned services are carried out on negotiable retainer fees and/or success fees basis.

Nothing beats local knowledge.

Algiers – Tripoli – Bamako – Khartoum – Ndjamena – Bangui – Luanda – Conakry – Niamey – Banjul – Rabat – Juba – Nouakchott – Windhoek- Ouaga.    – Worldwide –

creating opportunity, building capacity

Location: Tunis – Tunisie